Equipment rental

If you don't have equipment or you wanna try first brands, you can rent it

· Helmet Free

· Skate a 6€

· Scooter 6€

· Bmx 15€

· Ski, snow 10€

Celebrate special day

If you would like to have a space in 360ºeXtrem to inform about or sell your products, please contact us at

Organisation of competitions or exhibitions

If you are a club, a federation or a brand and you would like to organise a competition or an exhibition at our facilities, please contact us at

Presentation of brands and products

If you are a new brand or you are launching a new product, 360ºeXtrem is a good place to present it. Contact us at

Presentations of teams and sports people

Are you presenting a new sportsperson in your team? Do you have a new team? 360ºeXtrem is an ideal place for making their presence known. Contact us at