Personals data

The personal data requested from users as a result of accessing certain services shall be automatically incorporated into a computer file of personal data, belonging to EAEEL.

Therefore, all the personal data for which it is responsible will be processed in keeping with Law 15/2003, of 18th December, on the protection of personal data and, in keeping with this regulation, the due measures to ensure security and confidentiality shall be applied.

Visiting the website does not imply that users have to supply any information about their identity, as it is totally anonymous and under no circumstances can it be associated to a specific, identified user. In the case that personal data is supplied, this data shall be collected and used in keeping with the limitations and rights stated in the above-mentioned data protection law.

Users who provide personal data offer their clear, exact and unequivocal consent to the conditions given below:

1. Data collection
The personal data collection is only and exclusively carried out by means of forms published on the website and e-mails that users may send to EAEEL, which shall be included in a computer file.
The files which belong to EAEEL, in keeping with the law, are registered in the Andorran Data Protection Agency Register.
2. Security of information
EAEEL has developed all the technical and organisational systems and measures within its scope, envisaged in the regulation on the protection of personal data to prevent the loss, incorrect use, alterations, unauthorised access and subtraction of the personal data provided by users or visitors.
Nevertheless, users or visitors must be aware that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.
EAEEL may use cookies while offering the service on the website, although the following information obtained from them shall be saved for a maximum period of 12 months.
- Name of the domain of the Internet service provider (ISP) and/or the IP address of the network access, in order to put together statistics about countries and servers that visit the website.
- The date and time of accessing our website, in order to discover the most popular times and to make any relevant adjustments to prevent problems with saturation at these times.
- The Internet address of the link that leads users to the website, in order to be aware of the effectiveness of the various links and, if relevant, banners that lead to the server, to be able to favour those that offer best results.
- The number of daily visitors to each section, in order to get to know which zones are most successful and to increase and improve their content.
The information obtained is totally anonymous and under no circumstances can it be associated to a specific, identified user.
Users expressly authorise EAEEL to: a) Send them notifications by any means, regarding the advertising of their products and services. b) To cede their personal data to other companies in the business group of which EAEEL is part, also with the aim of carrying out advertising of their products and services. c) To process and segment this data, applying statistical techniques to create profiles interested in these products and services.
3. Confidentiality and Professional Secrecy
Any private communication that may take place between EAEEL staff and users or visitors will be considered to be confidential. Access to this information is restricted by means of technological tools and by strict internal control.
4. Links to other websites.
This website may contain links to other pages. You are informed that EAEEL does not have any kind of control nor is it in any way responsible for the policies or measures concerning data protection on other websites.
5. Users' rights
With regard to the data obtained as mentioned above, users may carry out their rights as recognised in Law 15/2003, of 18th December, on personal data protection, especially the right to access, rectify or cancel data or oppose it, if relevant, as well as to revoke their consent to ceding data.
The rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose may be carried out by users, or their representative, by means of a letter sent by post, signed and accompanied by a photocopy of their passport or other identifying document, and sent to EAEEL, Av. Santa Coloma 115, AD500, Andorra la Vella, Principality of Andorra.
General information

EAEEL reserves the right, at any time and without previous warning, to carry out modifications and updates to the information contained on the website. It also reserves the right to update these conditions of use without previous warning to users, who are the only people responsible for consulting them before entering the website.

Intellectual property

The intellectual property rights of the website and the elements found in it; the design, brand names, text, photographs, navigation structure and databases, belong to EAEEL, which is responsible for the exclusive exercising of the rights of exploiting them in any form and, in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication.

EAEEL is the holder of the industrial property right with regard to its products and services and, specifically, those regarding the registered brand name 360ºeXtrem, and its use is forbidden unless with express authorisation signed by the brand itself.

Any authorised use of the information contained on the website and its resale, as well as infringing EAEEL's intellectual or industrial property rights will give rise to the established legal responsibilities. Users accept responsibility for the use that they make of the web. Users agreed to make suitable use of the content and services that EAEEL offers on its website. In this respect, as an illustrative example, but not limited to it, users agree not to use images for any incorrect purpose, not be involved in illicit or illegal activities or those that go against good faith and public order, nor to cause damages to the physical and logical systems of 360ºeXtrem, of their providers or third parties and not to introduce or disseminate computer viruses into the network or any other physical or logical system that is susceptible to provoking any kind of damage.

Content shared by users

Part of the material shown on the website refers to content housed on other Internet sites (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.) over which EAEEL has no responsibility with regard to rights. In the case of irregularities, the responsibility falls on the user who has uploaded the content. Users must read and accept the legal conditions of use and intellectual property on each of the sites that are external to EAEEL

In any case, by connecting to other Internet pages or sites (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or other similar social networks), users recognise that they accept the use that these social networks make of their data and of the information that is housed, releasing EAEEL, in every way, of any responsibility in the supposed case that these websites make an incorrect use of the personal information given.

The images and videos in the Gallery on this website belong to their respective authors. EAEEL declines all responsibility for any damages to third parties that may be derived from reading and/or viewing shared contents, as well as the use that may be made of them. EAEEL declines all responsibility with regard to the legal nature of shared contents, about which it warns that it does not verify or review these contents before users share them with other users on the Internet through the social networks commonly used. The exclusive responsibility regarding the legality of these contents lies on the user who has uploaded them to be network.

Permitted uses

The user agrees to use the content of this website correctly, suitably and legally.

The viewing, printing and partial downloading of the content of the website is only and exclusively authorised if the following conditions concur:

- That it is compatible with the purposes of the website.
- That it is done with the exclusive aim of obtaining the information contained for personal, private use. Its use is expressly forbidden for commercial purposes or for its distribution, public communication, transformation or de-compilation.
- That none of the contents related to the website are modified in any way.
- That none of the graphics, icons or available images on the website are used, copied or distributed separately from the text of the rest of the images that accompany it.

EAEEL declines all responsibility to users for any harm and/or damages derived from the information contained, obtained or provided by means of this website, or cuts in the service, omission, interruption, absence, incorrect or faulty use of the telecommunication service or computer viruses. EAEEL may not be held responsible for any incorrect use of the website.

EAEEL does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors in accessing the website or its content or that the website will be updated. As long as there are no reasons that make it impossible or difficult to carry out, EAEEL must carry out all the tasks that are aimed at solving any errors as soon as it is aware of any errors, disconnections or lack of updating of its contents, re-establishing the communication and updating the content.

Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

This legal notice and the conditions contained in it are governed by current legislation in the Principality of Andorra. Any question or controversy derived from the access or use of the website will be resolved via the Andorran Courts, expressly renouncing any other legal area or jurisdiction.

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