Freestyle all year

Do you practice free skiing? snowboard? Is your hobby skating? 360ºeXtrem, indoor freestyle centre, is your place for practising and improving all your tricks. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, young or old, whoever you are, at 360ºeXtrem you will be able to improve and learn everything you have always wanted to do with the utmost safety possible. From now on, there are no more inconveniences because of the weather or the facilities. Now is your moment to practice all sports in teh same place all year in Andorra!

Freestyle zone
- Training floor
- Trampolines
- Foam pits
- DM big jump (ramp)
- Snowflex big jump (ramp)
Skatepark zone
- Bowl
- Street
- Eurofunbox
Snack-bar zone
- Snack bar overlooking the zones and enjoy 100%
Shop zone
- T-shirts, caps, sunglasses, skates, etc
Locker room zone
- Change, keep it and take a shower
Go for extreme emotions at 360ºeXtrem!